The Rise of the Phoenix

This is my latest painting finished 25th march 2021. To me the Phoenix represents a new beginning a rising up out of the ashes of darkness and fear bringing new Light and hope to the World.

Although there are many stories to the origins I was inspired by the Egyptian Mythology of the Phoenix a fabulous Bird a symbol of renewal and rebirth associated with the worship of the Sun. The Egyptian Phoenix was said to be as large as an Eagle with brilliant Scarlet and Gold plumage and with a Melodious cry. According to legend it was believed to live for 500 years and then as the end of its life approached it would build a nest of aromatic branches and spices and then set it on fire and consume itself in the flames. After three days it rose from the ashes reborn. The young Phoenix collected the ashes of its predecessor. Then the bird took them to Heliopolis to place them on the Altar of the Sun God.

I decided to paint the frame with various Egyptian symbols.

RA (Re) was the primary name of the Sun God of Ancient Egypt he was often considered to be the King of the Gods and thus patron of the Pharoah and one of the central Gods of the Egyptian Pantheon. He was also described as the Creator of Everything.

The Sun the giver of Life controlling the ripening of crops which were worked by Man. Because of the life Life giving qualities of the Sun the Egyptians worshiped the Sun as a God the Creator of the Universe and the giver of Life the Sun or Ra representing Life, Warmth and Growth.

The Eye of Horus, a symbol of Protection. According to Egyptian Myth, Horus lost his left eye in a struggle with Seth. The eye was magically restored by Hathor this restoration came to symbolise the process of making whole and healing.

The ANKH the symbol is Egyptian Hieroglyph for ‘Life’ or ‘Breath of Life’ and as the Egyptians believed that one’s Earthly Journey was only part of an eternal life. The Ankh symbolises both Mortal Existence and the Afterlife.


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