Greenpeace – The Rainbow And The Rubicon

In 1988 I received a newsletter from Greenpeace International in which there was a photograph of a boat that was to sail around the UK to research causes for pollution and the decline in Sea Life. The sailing boat was called The Rubicon.

History tells us that Julius Caesar and his army made a decision to flout an ancient Roman law and cross the Rubicon river in Italy and commit himself to action.

I have always tried to do what I can and where possible use my talent to help the planet and good causes. As a keen supporter of environmental causes I committed myself to action and painted this picture with the intention of helping to raise funds for Greenpeace.

My painting ended up being made into posters and over a 3 year period raised over £20,000.

I am duly proud of this image and the good it has done.


  1. Mr S Lawless

    I have a large framed picture ofthis, it belonged to my late mother, it’s a lovely picture and i wondered how many of these there are, or even if it is a single print or painting.

  2. Jackie

    Hello! I bought this print in 1988/89. It was on my wall for years but got ruined when a leak soaked it.
    Is it still possible to buy? For me, it dumped up the entire spirit of Greenpeace and the movement to do better for our world. I would love to have it on my wall again

  3. Jackie

    I meant to say “summed up”!

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